Will I ever win?
Will I ever win?


Will I ever win?

CuandoMeVaATocar.com is a free and online tool that graphically shows the odds of winning important prizes in some of the most popular lottery games, by the random generation of simulated draws through programming. This web app has been developed in Javascript and PHP by Juan Víctor Mejías, a web developer from Seville, Spain.

The original idea was to visualize the probabilities of hitting the jackpot in the most simple way possible. Over time the scope has been enlarged by also adding the analysis of the simulations results to determine which lottery games are the most profitable. To that end, everytime a simulation is played, the results are sent to the server by AJAX, stored and interpreted on the Statistics section.

The graphic representation of this data shows a well known reality: winning the lottery is incredibly difficult, it's within the reach of all but reserved for a handful of lucky ones.

This site is not meant to discourage gamblers from participating in Lottery games. It doesn't encourage gambling either. It is a neutral tool for analysis and statistical purposes, for those interested in lotteries. If you liked it I would greatly appreciate that you share the site on social media.

With this app you don't gain nor lose anything, but in real life you do, so if you usually play lottery games, do it moderately and never bet more than you can afford to lose!

Juan Víctor Mejías Calero
Freelance Web Developer (JV Creación)


If you have comments or suggestions, mail me at info@jvcreacion.com
If you are interested in my services you can learn more at www.jvcreacion.com
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Date Description
12-09-2014 CuandoMeVaAtocar.com launched
23-12-2014 New features added: Statistics and Hall of Fame
27-09-2016 Euromillions Simulator updated after changes in rules
04-11-2016 Eurojackpot Simulator and English version added
11-03-2017 Powerball Simulator and Mega Millions Simulator added
07-12-2019 Spain's National Lottery Simulator added
18-08-2020 Spain's El Gordo Simulator added
13-12-2021 Spain's Christmas Lottery added
17-04-2022 Eurojackpot Simulator updated after changes in rules