Will I ever win?
Will I ever win?

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

1 - When will I be paid?

You will be paid the prizes you win in real life with real money. Since there is no real money involved in the simulations, don't expect any payment from this site other than virtual ones. Was it necessary to clarify this...?

2 - How does the simulators work?

Lottery simulators contained in this website have been programmed in JavaScript (jQuery). This programming language executes directly in your browser, so the speed of the simulations depends to a great extent on the processing capacity of your computer or device. Internet connection speed does not influence at all in your simulations performance. In fact, you only need a connection when you start a simulation, since the program runs autonomously and will continue to work even if your connection drops.

3 - Does the simulator work slow in your mobile phone, tablet or in your old computer?

As stated in the former point, the speed of a simulation relies on your computer's processor. In general, mobile phones and tablets integrate lower processors than those of desktop computers. If the web app works slow or jerkily, maybe you have selected 'highest' speed. Try 'high' or 'intermediate' speed instead.

4 - Does the simulator slow down when you switch tabs?

That's right. Modern browsers apply performance improvements by reducing the priority of several tasks on inactive tabs. The solution is to run the simulator as the only tab in a separate window. You can navigate normally in other window, with multiple tabs if you want.

The simplest way to transform an active tab into an independent window is as follows: place the pointer on the active CuandoMeVaATocar.com tab, click and drag the tab down.

5 - Do you plan to run a simulation for hours?

If you intend to have a simulator running for hours (or even days) until you hit the jackpot (it will rarely appear before), there are some considerations to take into account:

  • Make sure the application is opened as the only tab in a separate window (FAQ 4)
  • You better disable your OS screen saver since Javascript execution will be limited otherwise, as in the previous point.
  • Better use a desktop or laptop than a tablet or mobile phone which could run out of battery.

6 - Can I run two or more simulators simultaneously?

Yes, you can for instance have the Eurojackpot simulator in a window and the Euromillions simulator in a separate window. Beware the more simulators you have simultaneously running, the more processor-intensive it will be for your computer. If two simulators of the same game play at the same time, only the latter will be a valid session. Prizes you might win in the former won't be stored in the Hall of Fame.

7 - Are the "winning" combinations in each simulation based on hot & cold numbers of that game in real life?

Not at all. They are just random combinations generated by programming, where all numbers have the same probability to show up. If you think picking your numbers basing on the number of times they drawn in the past will increase your winning odds, check over the gambler's fallacy.

8 - If randomness is unpredictable... what is the purpose of this application?

This application is meant for statistical purposes. It lets you check the approximate frequency with which prizes are to be expected in some of the most popular lottery games and, in that sense, to create a model of reality.

The usefulness of the application will be the one you give to it, for example:

  • None (thanks for the visit)
  • Compare results between games
  • Simulate for hours in search of the jackpot
  • Play with friends to see who is luckier
  • Search for your lucky numbers
  • Reflect
  • Etc...