Will I ever win?
Will I ever win?

Euromillions Simulator

Pick 5 different numbers between 1 and 50, plus two star numbers between 1 and 12.

Update 27-09-2016. Changes to Euromillions rules

  • A new star is added, you now select your stars from 1 to 12 (previously from 1 to 11, originally from 1 to 9...). Winning any prize, again, turns a little more difficult, which is especially noteworthy in the winning odds for matching 5+2, 1 in 139.838.160 instead of 1 in 116.531.800
  • Starting jackpots increase from €15 to €17 millions. Roller jackpots will be bigger as well, since difficulty increases. Several times a year Superdraws will be held, with a guaranteed jackpot of €130 millions.
  • Euromillions officials also introduce a lot of special European Millionaire Maker events in each of the participating countries. Some of them are played with an alpha numeric code in your ticket. Check them out at the official Euromillions site, they are too many to be listed and are not implemented in the simulator either.
  • EuroMillions ticket increase from €2 to €2.50

Euromillions Simulator has been updated to reflect these changes.

Rules of Euromillions

Euromillions is a European lottery carried out by the entrusted entities organizing lotteries in each of its participating countries: Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxemburgo, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Portugal and Spain.
The winning combination is made up by extracting 5 different balls from a drum containing numbers from 1 to 50, and two additional balls (lucky star numbers) from another drum, from 1 to 12. The more numbers you guess correctly the more money you win. There are 13 prize tiers in each EuroMillions draw, in ascending order: 2+0, 2+1, 1+2, 3+0, 3+1, 2+2, 3+2, 4+0, 4+1, 4+2, 5+0, 5+1 and 5+2. You can see the exact amounts for each tier from inside the simulation.

Days of the week

The draw is held in Paris every Tuesday and Friday. The amount of each prize depends on several factors: fixed distribution percentages for each category, collection and participation by country. If there are no 1st category winners (5 numbers and 2 stars) the prize is added to the jackpot fund for the following draw.

Probability of winning Euromillions:

The winning odds for matching 5 numbers plus one star is 1 in 6.473.989 6.991.908
The winning odds for hitting the jackpot (5+2) is 1 in 116.531.800 139.838.160

Bet prices

Euromillions ticket costs 2.50€ in most countries.